Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development requires 'considerate construction' and we are committed to this.

We work closely with our partner organisations to reduce the mark we make, safeguarding the environment for future generations.

From buildings and bricks, to bats and birds – there are many elements to consider in construction. We take them all very seriously by incorporating green and sustainable practices across our business. That includes recycling or reusing materials, reducing energy and water use, and complying with all the requirements of our ISO 14001 accreditation and our Considerate Construction Scheme membership.

We innovate through our advanced construction technologies, collaboration and the way we champion modern working practices. We also use cutting-edge construction practices and utilise latest innovations to secure sustainable construction for the future. Our policies demonstrate our commitment to quality and to meeting the sustainable development agenda and standards.

We recognise the potential impact of our work and take all reasonable steps to manage our operations to promote good environmental practise and mitigate risk of any negative impact because of our operations.

Our procedures and policies are thorough and robust, complying with the requirements of current legislation and we adopt best practice wherever possible.

We regularly review our business practises and performance to identify ways we can reduce our energy, water and transport usage. Wherever possible we recruit employees local to our sites, and suppliers and contractors from the local area to reduce transport and CO2 emissions. We implement high standards in relation to recycling, diversion from landfill and minimising waste production.

We work with our suppliers to identify materials and methods, which are sustainable. Our aim is to continually innovate to create sustainable solutions in the construction sector.