Employee Development & Training

We don’t just construct buildings, we build skills, jobs and confidence, growing our own talent and introducing new people to the industry from diverse backgrounds reflective of our communties.

We develop skills for the future of the construction industry through jobs, work placements and apprenticeships. We understand the importance of attracting, training and retaining employees with the skills and experience required to achieve success.

Equality and diversity
We are committed to creating and maintaining an inclusive workplace where everyone is treated with respect regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability or age. We value equal opportunities in employment and our HR policies and processes ensure this is implemented effectively.


Learning and development
We believe it is important to create culture of learning and as such we provide training and upskilling opportunities to encourage personal growth and professional development. We are committed to investing in people to allow them to reach their potential.

Through our site based projects we create new employment opportunities within communities, helping residents to receive the training they need to access roles, and to start out their careers with us or retrain and upskill to enter the sector. We thrive in seeing people gain confidence as they gain skills to develop their long term careers. Through our employment and training initiatives with residents we are able to positively impact the local economy, and help to transform lives.