Community Involvement

Our community engagement strategies are designed to include residents, and to bring people together from all walks of life. We seek to deliver social value initiatives that create social cohesion and improve lives.

The main themes of our community involvement strategy are:

  • Effective, simple and timely communication
  • Bespoke communication channels based on resident preferences and needs
  • Community led programmes; Designed in collaboration with clients and residents
  • School engagement: Supporting the curriculum, developing skills for work and raising aspirations
  • Engaging local and established charities, voluntary sector organisations and social enterprises to partner with us
  • Fundraising, sponsorships and employee volunteering to support worthwhile local causes
  • Fun days, and community events which encourage community cohesion, and breaks down social isolation
  • Develop targeted interventions with our expert partners based on the needs of communities – such as high unemployment, Anti-social behaviour
  • Develop skills, and access to opportunities in all sectors