Community Involvement

Our community engagement strategies are designed to get residents involved. We go further than most, supporting social agendas and delivering successful projects that improve everyday life.

Residents' input, combined with careful planning, ensure our developments enhance lives. We keep people informed of every move through open communication channels, meetings and newsletters. Much of our inspiration comes from residents themselves. By working closely with people who live and work in communities, we can develop better, more targeted projects that address their needs and minimise disruption while work takes place. 

Our community involvement ranges from youth and school projects, sports programmes and local labour, to training, bingo nights, business education partnerships and apprenticeships. Creating employment opportunities for local communities remains a priority, and we promote training and work experience for local people on every project.


To be fully involved in the community, we also forge strong relationships with other organisations. Our success depends on our partnerships with others in the construction supply chain. They include The National Skills Academy, Skillsmatch, Building Lives, Olmec and Newman Francis.

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