Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

When it comes to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Higgins believes in going beyond the minimum requirements.

CSR is about understanding our business impact on the modern world and we’ve made a number of positive changes in recent years to demonstrate our commitment.
By working with our clients, employees and communities, we have developed a CSR policy that’s based on 6 core principles:

  1. Environment – taking responsibility for the mark we make on the environment
  2. Health & Safety – developing policies and procedures to protect people
  3. People Development and Training – committing to our people’s personal and career development
  4. Community Involvement – engagement with and creation of opportunities for the communities in which we work
  5. Customers and Supply Chain – promoting greater efficiency with our partners
  6. Social Responsibility – devoting time and energy to charities

CSR is here to stay and it will be central to the future success of our business. Higgins has made a pledge to innovate and we’ll continue to lead the industry in this all important area.